Am I Eligible?

Owned or Leased A JLR Vehicle • Over 18 • Purchased In England or Wales

Ownership Criteria

Eligibility Period: Have you owned or leased a new or used Jaguar Land Rover diesel vehicle between October 2014 and June 2023?
Compensation Range: If you meet the above criteria, you could be entitled to claim between £3,000 to £16,000 in compensation.

Defective Components

A new group action has been initiated seeking over £3bn on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover customers who purchased cars with defective components. This includes issues with the diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems. These defects can lead to:

  • Significant on-road safety and performance issues.
  • Accelerated engine wear, potentially resulting in additional servicing costs or even engine replacement.

It's important to note that this issue is separate from the dieselgate scandal.

Eligibility Details

Purchase Type: Both new car owners and pre-owned car owners may be eligible.
Finance: Those who acquired their car through finance are also eligible.
Servicing: You are eligible to claim even if you haven't taken your car in for servicing due to the DPF issue or other defects.

Eligible Models

  • Range Rover
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • Land Rover Velar
  • Jaguar E-Pace
  • Jaguar F-Pace
  • Jaguar XE
  • Jaguar XF

Consumer Rights Act 2015

If you are experiencing performance issues with your car and purchased it after 1 October 2015, the CRA may apply to your situation. We believe that the defective components, such as the DPF, violate certain mandatory standards outlined in the CRA. The remedies available to you under the CRA will vary depending on the date of your vehicle purchase. For more information, please refer to our FAQs.

How to Check Your Eligibility

To determine if you're eligible, please use the Eligibility Checker on the website.

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What issues can I claim for?

If you answer yes to any of the below, you may have a claim up to £16,000

Reduced Engine Performance

A blocked DPF can cause the engine to lose power. You might notice that the vehicle doesn't accelerate as quickly as it used to, or it might feel sluggish and unresponsive.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

If the DPF is not working correctly, the engine may have to work harder, which can lead to increased fuel consumption.

Warning Lights

Most modern vehicles have a warning light on the dashboard that will illuminate if there's a problem with the DPF. This is often the first sign drivers notice when there's an issue.

Frequent Regeneration

If the DPF is faulty, the vehicle might attempt to regenerate the filter more frequently than normal. This can lead to increased fuel consumption and can cause the vehicle to behave differently during these periods.

Engine Damage

In severe cases, a blocked DPF can cause back pressure in the exhaust system, which can lead to engine damage. This can be a very costly problem to fix.

Most common

Forced into 'Limp Mode'

Some vehicles will go into a safety mode known as 'limp mode' if the DPF issue is severe. This mode limits the performance of the vehicle to prevent further damage, allowing you to drive to a mechanic or service center.

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