How To Make A Claim

If you have owned or leased a Jaguar Land Rover diesel vehicle, you may be eligible to receive compensation ranging from £3,000 to £16,000.

How to Claim: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Finding the Vehicle

Begin by entering your vehicle's registration number on our website. Answer a few simple questions regarding the make, model, and year of your Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) vehicle. This initial information helps us assess the eligibility of your vehicle for a DPF claim.

Step 2: Confirming Ownership

After providing the vehicle details, we'll guide you through a simple process to confirm your ownership. This step involves verifying your identity and contact information, ensuring that your claim is securely associated with you.

Step 3: Assessing DPF Issues

With our proprietary vehicle assessment system, we take the guesswork out of evaluating DPF issues. Our automated system efficiently analyzes the data you've provided, assessing the extent of the DPF-related problems your JLR vehicle has encountered. This evaluation provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the issues and their impact.

Step 4: Signing Up for Valid Claims

If our assessment determines that you have a valid DPF claim, we'll invite you to officially sign up. This step solidifies your participation in the claim process. For cases that align with similar DPF issues, we offer the option to join a class action. By consolidating individual claims, we strengthen the collective impact of the claims process.

Find Your Vehicle

Just enter registration and we'll find and check your vehicle.

You can make a claim in 3 easy steps.

We have made the process to join the class action simple and straight forward for all.

Find Your Vehicle

Just enter registration and we'll find and check your vehicle.

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